“So, how is it going?” How many times have we spoken, heard, or written that question to business colleagues, clients, family, and friends over the past seven weeks (or is it eight…I’m losing track)?

The answers range from “good, under the circumstances” to “not great but I feel bad about complaining considering how others are suffering.” We can all agree that, depending on the time of day or day of the week, we really don’t know how we are. But we also know that we want to figure it out someway, somehow, and at some point. 

And so we talk to each other when we can, listen to webinars and read as much as we can until we hit news fatigue and decide now is a good time for that daily masked walk outside.

Unifying Our Vision for the Future

That’s the inspiration behind the launch of FestiFi’s new Events Insighter. Now is the time for collaboration over competition. Unity over unrest. Real insights and knowledge over 5G conspiracy theories (that one cracked me up). 

Our mission is to be a conduit for all our voices coming together, to share insights from industry, business and community leaders, present news on where the events sector is headed, any creative projects coming out of this time of isolation, and how we can best navigate together the evolution of our world of events. 

For example, Events Insighter will be tracking the development of event regulations as they’re developed and released; interviewing company leaders deep in the trenches of developing new technology solutions to address evolving health restrictions and safety requirements; new workplace developments and the importance of a focus on mental health; researching the platforms behind virtual events and webinars, getting pro tips from those succeeding as well as ways to monetize; how live streaming is filling the IRL gap and its potential for its longevity in the post-COVID years, and lots more.

While the ‘when’ and ‘how’ of the live industry is unknown, we know that events will come back. Our vision is that every spoke in the events wheel plays a role in its transformation to thrive again. We will come out of this time in history more connected than we ever were before to reinvent our new future.

If you have a topic or news story you’d like us to feature, or if your company has new products or solutions to share with the community, please email me at kim@festifi.co.